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Spread your knowledge, tell your story.

Create a project-based video course & sell it on Chalksy. We’ll take 30% and you keep the rest.
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Teaching & Payments

Instructors/teachers take a 70% commission from every sale. Payments are made instantly via PayPal –  it only takes 5 minutes to create and setup a PayPal account.

Be prepared to tell a story. Courses should have a clear beginning, middle and end. All courses must have a final goal, e.g. an excel sheet, a full ad campaign, a Wordpress template etc.

Once listed, courses may not be deleted. However, you are able to remove them from the marketplace and from public view, but your course(s) will always remain accessible to those that have previously purchased your content.

Who’s it for?

 • Experts, content creators, storytellers, teachers, educators, edupreneurs and instructors, this is for you!
 • If you're an expert in your field, and you have enough technical know-how and ample free time to create a high quality video course, we’re interested in having you on board.
 • Are you a self-starter interested in earning passive income? Create content for us today & earn 70% on every sale!
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Course Requirements

 • Minimum of 1 hour video content. Video quality should be at least 720p with a recommended widescreen 16:9 ratio.
 • Your course must have a beginning, middle and end. Students must have created something by the end of the course. E.g. a website, an app, a business plan, an illustration, a grammar table etc.
 • You’ll need a 1500px by 820px header image for your course sales page.
 • You will also need a 300px by 200px image for your course icon, and three (3) 260px by 195px images to showcase what your users will be creating with your course.
 • A valid and active PayPal account to receive your 70% commission (if you don't have a PayPal account, it takes 5 minutes to create one).
 • An accurate and detailed course description to inform potential students as to what they’ll be learning with your course.

How Do I Get Started?

If you would like to become an instructor/teacher on Chalksy, you should first create a course outline. What will you be teaching? Each course is split into sections and lectures, so once you have decided what you’ll be teaching, plan each section & each individual lecture.

For example, section 1 might be ‘Course Introduction’ containing 3 lectures on getting started within the course.

Once you've decided your course content, it will be time to record. We recommend using a professional screen capture program such as NAMES HERE. You’ll want to make sure you can record at a minimum of 720p, and you will also be required to ensure that your course is coherent and contains a final goal. 

Your users must have created something by the end of your course.

If you believe that your course will contain all of these elements, please go ahead and spread your knowledge! Click the blue buttons above to start your course creation process.